Why Paperless Board Meeting Software Is Critical For Establishing A Fully Operational Virtual Office

Virtual control systems have been taking over the business segment for a long time. It is easier for the boards of companies to meet virtually, being at this moment in any place. What are the advantages of Paperless Board Meetings and electronic document management in general – read on.

Benefits of Paperless Board Meeting

One of the main advantages of electronic document management is a significant reduction in printing costs (spending on paper, office equipment, and consumables for printers), postage, and storage of documents.

You can completely abandon paper documents if this does not contradict the current legislation (there are certain types of documents that you must have in paper form). Using only digital documents will avoid duplication of information on different media, as well as ensure reliable storage of documents and prevent data leakage.

Equally important is saving time. If companies that share documents use the same operator of paperless board meeting software, the document transfer process will take only a few minutes. And it does not matter where the documentation is sent – to a neighboring office or another city. The terms for creating, coordinating, and approving documents are reduced significantly, and in case of errors, it will also be possible to obtain a corrective document quickly and easily.

  • Paperless Board Meeting software allows you to sign and send digital documents around the clock and from any device where you have access to an electronic signature.
  • The Paperless Board Meeting Software system makes it easy to control the status of a document: whether it was delivered, signed, or the signature was refused.
  • All documents are stored in a secure personal account, so the risk that data can get to intruders during transfer, and the document can be lost, is reduced to zero.
  • The operator’s digital document management system can be integrated with the accounting systems used in your company, which further simplifies the use of electronic document management.
  • Another advantage of Paperless Board Meeting Software is the convenience of data storage: you do not need to equip a special room for storing digital documents. All information will be permanently stored in an electronic archive on the servers of the Paperless Board Meeting Software operator.

In addition, the introduction of an electronic document management system allows you to use the time of your employees much more efficiently. There is no need for physical transfer of paper documents to company employees, and the processes of making decisions on documents and bringing these decisions to the employees of the organization will be accelerated many times over.

Electronic documents for different companies

For large companies that work with hundreds and thousands of external documents every month, the introduction of Paperless Board Meeting Software will help reduce costs and save hundreds of thousands of rubles a year, reduce the risk of losing documents and the risks associated with errors in documentation and receiving tax fines. If an organization works with invoices, submits declarations, the company has many branches and a large number of counterparties from different regions, switching to Paperless Board Meeting Software is justified.

Electronic document management is also suitable for small and medium-sized businesses since such companies need to receive payment for goods or services as quickly as possible – on the day the documents are issued. Electronic document management will speed up the exchange of documents, and the sooner the documents reach the recipient, the faster they will be paid.

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